12. Juni 2015
DIE Softskills-Konferenz


Medienpartner: Monaco De Luxe

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1 Day + 5 Speaker + many impulses = Growth

Happiness is what we are all after - according to several studies it all breaks down to happiness. That life goes smoother, with ease in business life as well as in private life. Our speakers focus on that and offer useful tools and impulses for the attendees to life up to their potential. We start as a German impulse day but already have several english speaking trainers who will be happy to contribute! Stay tuned - subscribe to our newsletter.

Secret Champions - Who is that?

According to your perspective:

  • you as attendee, because in each and every person resides the potential of magnificence
  • the speakers, because they are not (yet) celebrities, but offer you great content and ideas

Our events are highly interactive and invite to take action. They are lively and support your growth.